Sunday, 21 May 2017

Lilypads and Me

Lilypads and Me 
Shopping in Homesense yesterday I spotted a plastic Lilypad for a pool.  I knew one thing for sure I wouldn't be purchasing it because this  Lilypad was not built for the pools in the Northeast due to the ever changing dramatic weather, much like myself when I first moved here to Ontario Canada in 1989. Being born and raised in Los Angeles anything north of Route 66 was not my idea of good weather!
I knew very well something that those who had not survived a Northeast winter knew about this Lilypad. It was created for La La Land pools.  Pools where it can float and glide effortlessly and look lovely doing it.  Shortly after moving to the Midwest for a year and then finally to the Northeast I was naive concerning the weather in the northeast so I actually purchase the doomed 'candlelit Lilypads' for a backyard bbq to celebrate one of my kids 

  I was under the impression, or delusion, that they would all float in a separate free floating parade of glowing lights.  Wrong.  The Lilypads quickly gathered forces and huddled in one corner of the pool stairs seeking shelter from the tornado like winds and waited to be rescued and sent back to Palm Springs! I realize now that that was a lot like me when I first moved from California and endured my first winter in Canada.  I was under the impression that the pretty fluffy white snow would float and then melt once it hit the ground from January to late March and I would keep my toeless boots for those 'nice mild winter nights'.  I never pictured myself having to purchase Sorels replacing my red sole pumps. It was after that first winter that lasted from November until June I understood 'real weather'.  Like that Lilypad I now ran into the first safe corner I could find covering my head with a hooded down fur lined winter coat and didn't want to come out until the iceberg around me called 'the great white north winter' melted...or...I got rescued and sent back to California! It's not all bad news or negative for a California girl who moved to Canada.  I have adjusted to life outside the over crowded freeways, perfect, mild and season less weather. I  appreciate the awaiting parking spot at Costco and my hearing has improved due to the lack of 'honking'.  When I dream of planning an outdoor garden party in June I quickly change it to an 'indoor' party because it still might snow!