Saturday, 22 April 2017

I was bullied and lived to be a strong survivor

I walked into grade 7 in Westchester California actually where I had gone to kindergarten, but, was not after 11 years, the new kid.  No one remembered me, Gee, I wonder why? So I walk into St Jeromes grammar school and the girls pointed at me and said ' only whores where black and red on friday'!....I thought to myself what is a whore? Then cried all the way to the bathroom.  I got no sympathy because I didnt tell anyone.  No one posted it on Facebook, or tweeted it. I simply went to my class and carried on.  
I was born in 1954.  My father was a lt colonel in the Air Force therefore we moved a lot.  I went to 6 or 7 grade schools by the time I was in 7th grade.  My family would move in and I would become the 'new kid' AGAIN after just making friends the year before in another country.  I didnt always feel bullied(in those days it was called ...nothing )when kids would whisper about my clothes or my family or my mothers funny accent I simply walked home and told my mom and we sat around the dinner table , talked things out and then we went outside to play until it got dark and forgot all about our problems and on Sunday we went to church together where my dad sang in the choir then after we would always have a singalong and a polka dance in the living room.  Dad played the accordion along with my big sis Connie and of course I sang with the Mitch miller songbook.
When I had kids my family would put on little dance and song routines for our fun backyard pool days, songs like  Lollipop and Stand By Me.  No one had to find 'Clean Lyrics' there was no such thing.   No one had to be told to get off their phones or stop staring at their IPad.  
What is my point ?  I am not sure if i even have a point other than sharing what it used to be like for those of you who have forgotten and what it was like for those of you too young to know. I believe it isn't bullying that is the main problem in our world or North American society today it is perhaps the excess of EVERYTHING...the too much quantity and too little quality of time spent together ... small children spending time in institutions when they are too young and should be at home in the comfort of their beds.... the innocence of youth is being eroded by the world imposing itself too early into the home. Who controls what the child sees and does?  Back in my day my parents were my approval and Like button.  The catholic nuns, teachers,  my piano instructor, my principal gave me guidance. I got approval from friends and family not some Musically app or a Funny Face snapchat app where I constantly looked at myself...what IS going on anyway with this new world of ours? Bullying has been going on forever maybe we need to look at why.
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