Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Women who are perfect only need apply

If you want women to succeed then you must support and protect the rights of ALL women not those ONLY you agree with.   True tolerance is having a cause to support and fight for and MARCH for to enhance the journey and goal of said group.  Such as WOMENS rights.  Dont be a hypocrite and only support those who are Democrats/Republicans/Independents/Catholics/Atheists/Protestants.....who are you supporting and why?  Women need to Free the Slaves of Sex Slavery, Abuse of any kind from men or women or governments.  
There is a travesty that has occurred in 2017 and that is the bullying and belittling women on TV such as Saturday Night Live and other comedy shows, who have become a Voice for women's rights and women's freedom here in North America and the World.  Stand up for ALL women not just your political agenda denomination.  

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