Monday, 17 October 2016

Monday Happiness

The secret to being happy and or happiness is not yearning for Friday on Monday.  The secret is in being grateful for Monday morning almost exactly as if it were Friday morning.  Why is this so hard ? Because our culture lives for the weekends and most of us detest what our job entails.  Do any of us have a job we adore and cant wait to arrive there on Monday morning, I'd say probably not!  Then what is this elusive happiness on Monday morning....Attitude is the secret !  The secret to happiness...EVEN IF you don't feel it or feel like it...pretend as if you do!  For what its works so try it!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

I Am A Hockey Wife

I became a professional hockey wife in 1974 when I married Mike Murphy #7 for the Los Angeles Kings NHL hockey team.  I had no idea where that frozen pad of ice would take me at only 19 years old when I was engaged, 20 years old ....married!  I have to say its been much more exciting than I could've ever dreamed of but, also more challenging than projected as well.  I discovered the tenacity I had inside myself that was dormant as I grew up I suppose, to be able to move at the drop of a hat or helmet, as I packed up 4 children, the material possessions in our home and moved to another country, Canada!  We had a dog during our first move. I had purchased a Bouvier De Flanders because my songwriter partner and producer had one and I fell in love with the breed. Wouldn't you know 'Buff' would have to go back to the breeder because moving from California to British Columbia provided enough complications to join United Nations briefings! The children lined up at our front door in Encino and waved goodbye to our 2nd dog in full tears (as well as myself) and that goodbye contained the heartbreak that being married to a pro hockey player entails.  ALOT of moving! 
As in a military family like I was raised in the children have to and should be prioritized by the mother because the father is off and running in the business immediately upon arrival in the new setting.  That was my thing! I watched my beloved mother(may she rest in peace)move from country to country with us 4 kids and make it look easy...which it was NOT I know now!
These 4 children of mine have grown up and are now parents themselves with the exception of the baby, patrick, and they all withhold the secret to a happy existence in a professional hockey life...FAITH and FAMILY FIRST....
This hockey wife wouldn't  leave the children in daycare all day while I went off to chase after a potentially successful career in the business world. I considered and still do, my children to be the greatest gift of all!  Also in pro hockey the fathers are not home alot so it is imperative the mother be the one who is 'there'!
Now after 42 years of marriage and NHL hockey, looking back, I would change only a few things...that house in Milwaukee!  I would never have wallpapered the entire main level if I had known we were only there for 11 months. I would also have bought a home right away and not rented in Toronto when we arrived over 20 years and learn that you can NOT go back and or regret the past as they in the present!
Thank you hockey and Praise God for my life in it!