Thursday, 24 March 2016

Angel Wings & Banana Pudding

Being a native Los Angeleno,  I am used to the plethora of entertainment in our fair city that is sometimes the polar opposite or 'angelic' my city of angels proclaims in its title, but, this new project called 'Global Angel Wing Project' by Colette Miller intrigued me.  I had two dear friends in from out of town and thought it may be a cool thing to check out. As we approached I noticed we were nearing my favorite Sweets establishment "Magnolia Bakery" with its world famous banana pudding!  This can't be true, angel wings appear in my corrupt Los Angeles AND banana pudding in one setting? As we pulled up to the wall off  of 3rd street we immediately noticed admirers of the wings  painted on the wall but then we saw the heavenly Magnolia bakery!
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves posing and checking out the result of course and after many 'do-overs' we finally all 3 had the profile pic we wanted with angel wings as our background wallpaper! As we crossed the street to grab our yummy heavenly banana pudding I suddenly realized what Colette Miller may have secretly planned all along as she painted on that typical warm California afternoon to display those wings.  Perhaps she knew people would come.   They would come to hold hands and pray.  Their laughter would resonate in the air and down the crowded streets typically filled with honking horn noise pollution as they posed and visualized the perfect picture of themselves in the photograph taken.  A couple tattooed bad girls came to pose and asked if I'd take their photo.  As they began to pose I dreaded the content these young tattooed/black rocker boot chicks would include in their positions ...full frontal?  I braced myself and began to snap photos. What they did to my surprise was hold a yoga pose with black grunge nail polished hands in prayer lifting their eyes up to the blue LA sky.  Such a moment of simple beauty, peace and fun in the middle of a smog filled ordinary day.   Maybe that's what we all need....some angel wings & banana pudding to bring us back to communicating again instead of texting or posting... Well...I did post the photos and I am posting this....but isn't is all good?  All the good people said Amen.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

LOVE IS.......

My daughters Labrador working his way into his family's heart soul and mind....