Monday, 17 October 2016

Monday Happiness

The secret to being happy and or happiness is not yearning for Friday on Monday.  The secret is in being grateful for Monday morning almost exactly as if it were Friday morning.  Why is this so hard ? Because our culture lives for the weekends and most of us detest what our job entails.  Do any of us have a job we adore and cant wait to arrive there on Monday morning, I'd say probably not!  Then what is this elusive happiness on Monday morning....Attitude is the secret !  The secret to happiness...EVEN IF you don't feel it or feel like it...pretend as if you do!  For what its works so try it!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

I Am A Hockey Wife

I became a professional hockey wife in 1974 when I married Mike Murphy #7 for the Los Angeles Kings NHL hockey team.  I had no idea where that frozen pad of ice would take me at only 19 years old when I was engaged, 20 years old ....married!  I have to say its been much more exciting than I could've ever dreamed of but, also more challenging than projected as well.  I discovered the tenacity I had inside myself that was dormant as I grew up I suppose, to be able to move at the drop of a hat or helmet, as I packed up 4 children, the material possessions in our home and moved to another country, Canada!  We had a dog during our first move. I had purchased a Bouvier De Flanders because my songwriter partner and producer had one and I fell in love with the breed. Wouldn't you know 'Buff' would have to go back to the breeder because moving from California to British Columbia provided enough complications to join United Nations briefings! The children lined up at our front door in Encino and waved goodbye to our 2nd dog in full tears (as well as myself) and that goodbye contained the heartbreak that being married to a pro hockey player entails.  ALOT of moving! 
As in a military family like I was raised in the children have to and should be prioritized by the mother because the father is off and running in the business immediately upon arrival in the new setting.  That was my thing! I watched my beloved mother(may she rest in peace)move from country to country with us 4 kids and make it look easy...which it was NOT I know now!
These 4 children of mine have grown up and are now parents themselves with the exception of the baby, patrick, and they all withhold the secret to a happy existence in a professional hockey life...FAITH and FAMILY FIRST....
This hockey wife wouldn't  leave the children in daycare all day while I went off to chase after a potentially successful career in the business world. I considered and still do, my children to be the greatest gift of all!  Also in pro hockey the fathers are not home alot so it is imperative the mother be the one who is 'there'!
Now after 42 years of marriage and NHL hockey, looking back, I would change only a few things...that house in Milwaukee!  I would never have wallpapered the entire main level if I had known we were only there for 11 months. I would also have bought a home right away and not rented in Toronto when we arrived over 20 years and learn that you can NOT go back and or regret the past as they in the present!
Thank you hockey and Praise God for my life in it!

Sunday, 4 September 2016

A Haole Back Home In Hawaii

 On my recent trip back to Hawaii to see my youngest niece graduate from University of Hawaii. I looked forward to her graduation, not only because I am so proud of her achievements but also to see how much of the Aloha spirit was incorporated into the ceremony.  I was also excited about the experience of seeing our childhood home in Wahiawa after 32 years being away.   Once we touched down and walked off the plane I immediately remembered that unforgettable embrace of hawaii's trade winds that still swept me off my feet...I immediately fell back in love.  However, I wasn't prepared for the emotional jolt at the sight of the banyan tree  at the moana Surfrider which my beloved late mum loved so much. It brought tears to my eyes each time I looked at it from our room at the hotel.  I thought it may be too soon after hospice with our beloved mother finally losing her battle just a short year and a half ago to go back to the island she adopted so many years ago. As I began experiencing all the sights, aromas and of course those trade winds again I was so glad I followed my sisters, niece and my heart back to this magical place.
  That little Haole girl I used to be craved to revisit in person mostly places I remember so well back when we were stationed on wheeler AFB in early 1960's including the day my teacher stopped us during our work to hear that terrible announcement that our president had been shot dead in Dallas. Our bus trip back and forth to school was one some only dream of.  We drove through Dole pineapple fields surrounded by glorious mountain ranges on the way to St Michaels.
I remember my little friend, Lucy Santiago,  Lucy was a local girl whose responsible for me falling in love with being barefoot as we skipped through the sugar patriotic family. My father was a Lt Colonel Ret. so prior to retirement I lived on Air Force bases around the world, watched the Flag being saluted and my father for that matter while in his uniform.  Today I find all my staples and my soft places to fall as a patriot have hardened.  There is no place for a patriot to feel safe anymore.  If I claim my fervour I am scolded by Americans who feel it is 'cool' to judge our country harshly, especially global warming wise, and I am applauded by Canadians who wish they had the very right I have to be a patriot!  Why am I a patriot? When I am in Canada my pride in US is bolstered due to a lack of patriotism in this great country and I see clearly my reasons are quite obvious. Our country is assertive simply put, due to the fact that we are who we are.  Our presence stands for it itself in many cases one need not boast or we do become the 'ugly americans'.  But, I for one, do want to boast because as I shield myself from the tomatoes thrown at me and my flag by other countries including canada we still are the ones who march in, drive in, fly into to rescue when needed.
Call me old fashioned, not ALL THAT old fashioned, but, still I crave the old days of hand over heart during the national anthem, singing out loud and proud to  scane fields to grab a quick snack during recess.  I never forgot that feeling of being a part of hawaii's volcanic earth underneath my feet.  Climbing the vast branches of trees back on base listening as my mother or father called me down for dinner on sperry loop drive is one moment I'd love to have back again if only to hear their voices once again. One of my favorite times is when our mom enrolled all 3 of us sisters, she called us 'her girls', who have always been as different as night and day, into Hula classes.  Mom made our matching Muumuu's  for our hula show at the officers club where we performed pearly shells. My
baby sis of course stole the show being tiny and freaking adorable in her mini muumuu. My older
sister winced as in serious pain at the thought of somehow developing 'lovely hula hands' at the awkward age of 12. I loved anything to do with being "On Stage" so I was all in for pearly shells although the hula hands never did trickle down from mom down the line...they went directly to our baby sis who still has moms gift of graceful lovely hula hands! I believe the flood of memories that consumed me while I was there was perhaps because my parents seemed genuinely happy there.  I still remember the cocktail parties they had. We tried to ignore the laughing and clinking of martini glasses and we fell asleep with Don Ho music filling the air.
We left Hawaii in 1964 and moved back to California and moved on, but, my little sister never quite left Hawaii behind.  I felt a reconnection with Hawaii but more so a kindred spirit with my sisters as we sat under the historic banyan tree allowing its giant shadow to hover over as like our mom did all our life.  The mighty pacific, our father so loved and wrote about in his book , Above the Pacific' was lapping up on the Waikiki shore as we simply were once again part of each other's lives.  We rested safely there under those enormous branches allowing us to heal and feel all that the beautiful aloha spirit holds for those who embrace it.  Our beloved parents presence is strong there and I know they drew us all back there above the heavenly pacific skies.  This Haole will be back again...
Hawaiian pacific sky.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Dear feminists...I am not a sheep

Dear Feminists...My mother did not teach me how to be a good woman she taught me how to be a good person.  I was not taught to be nice to other women, but, to be kind and nice to other people of all ethnics, backgrounds and race.   Just because I was born a woman doesn't mean I am not born with brains to be able to decipher between good and bad and or analyze and make decisions just like insulting these feminists are who want me to vote for a woman running for president just because she happens to have been born with female anatomy just like me.  What am I a sheep or a woman?  I was not born to follow like a sheep just because other women are 'doing it'.  This is the highest form of ignorance in my book of life.
If women in the past such as the suffragettes fought for our right to vote and for all our rights then don't we owe it to them and their memory to Choose for ourselves who we vote for and how we live our lives in dignity and honor?
I am not a sheep...don't ask me be how insulting to those women who fought for our right to Choose!

Sunday, 24 July 2016

The cure

Our soul is waiting to be filled ....we can fill it with many different things before the contentment of being filled with the Lords presence sets us on a path to a settled and pleasant existence.  It doesn't mean we have High Highs and Low Lows...that is the opposite to being content.   I have experienced the freedom from feeling addicted to filling an empty spirit.   It was only one experience that did it!  Accepting the Creator the Lord God into my heart....that is it.  I was no longer searching to be cured.  You are the pathway to a Cure....accept it but don't expect it if you're not willing to open up your spirit.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Hockey player on the loose at the beach in so cal

There's a hockey player loose on the beach here in So Cal.  I couldn't call fast enough for the hockey police to capture the wild beast.  

Thursday, 14 July 2016

California Girl Goes to Canada: All Labs DO Matter

California Girl Goes to Canada: All Labs DO Matter: If something happens to a black Lab that is unfair....people of ALL Color should protest for the black Lab including the Black Labs.  ...

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Motherhood is worth the mess by Yvonne Murphy

I wrote this article years ago and it was published in the Toronto Star Newspaper ....

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Bah Bye Hockey Season Hello Summertime

So hockey has been berry berry good to me but, I have also been grateful and thankful to the game of hockey.  When hockey season is over it's time to kick back! No Ice, No skates, No scraping down the car windshield so I can see out!  It's beach time....

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Feminists Fight For...

I always wonder why the Feminists who fight so hard for THEIR rights and yet ignore the silent fight of the VoiceLess and the innocent who cannot speak for themselves.
We need to speak up for the innocent child who may not want to get woken up at 5 am from his warm cozy crib or bed shoved into a car hurriedly so that their parent can make it to work in time.   These are the kinds of incidents that create tragedies such as the babies being left in the car that perish because the parent was so overwhelmed they forget precious cargo. No one caregiver in the baby factory Institutions of 20 or 30 or even a small group of 10 can give each  child the love, devotion and attention he or she deserves at that tender age of infancy to preschool.

It is NOT the responsibility of the government to provide such daycare it is the PARENT of the child who decides to give birth to care for that child!  Take responsibility for that child or PLEASE dont' have them!

Friday, 3 June 2016

Lilac Addict...

Not sure why I get so excited when my Lilac tree blooms but every time it takes me by surprise how amazing the aroma is...smells like angels danced on beds of heavenly petals...

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Game of Thrones 101 and more

Sooooo, game of thrones is a tv show and one watches a tv show for enjoyment right?  Well? Not quite with this one, even though, once you've comprehended half of the one hour plot you're so proud of yourself you want to shout from the rooftops ! 'I get it!' The dwarf is the brother of the incestuous brother and sister whose father was the king who was killed by the dwarf who......oh never mind!
My theory?  The writer dropped acid in the 60's and woke up in 2015 to screw with all our heads like the Jefferson  airplane song, 'White Rabbit'....even after you know all the words you still have no idea what they are trying to say!   So, yes I am going back for more for now to watch and re watch G.O.T all the while I have one eye open the other covered by my hand because if I see one more persons head detonate I will myself may also blow up!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The Puck Mommy Show

The Puck Mommy Show welcomed Lee Del Zotto, NHL star Mike Del Zotto's mom to the show.  Watch lee here with Yvonne Murphy cook Mike's favorite meal growing up in Canada!

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Before Starbucks

 Before Starbucks...
We barely considered coffee in our daily life
We looked each other in the eye 
We people watched for a long time 
We daydreamed without being interrupted 
We cared about starting a conversation with a stranger 

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Angel Wings & Banana Pudding

Being a native Los Angeleno,  I am used to the plethora of entertainment in our fair city that is sometimes the polar opposite or 'angelic' my city of angels proclaims in its title, but, this new project called 'Global Angel Wing Project' by Colette Miller intrigued me.  I had two dear friends in from out of town and thought it may be a cool thing to check out. As we approached I noticed we were nearing my favorite Sweets establishment "Magnolia Bakery" with its world famous banana pudding!  This can't be true, angel wings appear in my corrupt Los Angeles AND banana pudding in one setting? As we pulled up to the wall off  of 3rd street we immediately noticed admirers of the wings  painted on the wall but then we saw the heavenly Magnolia bakery!
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves posing and checking out the result of course and after many 'do-overs' we finally all 3 had the profile pic we wanted with angel wings as our background wallpaper! As we crossed the street to grab our yummy heavenly banana pudding I suddenly realized what Colette Miller may have secretly planned all along as she painted on that typical warm California afternoon to display those wings.  Perhaps she knew people would come.   They would come to hold hands and pray.  Their laughter would resonate in the air and down the crowded streets typically filled with honking horn noise pollution as they posed and visualized the perfect picture of themselves in the photograph taken.  A couple tattooed bad girls came to pose and asked if I'd take their photo.  As they began to pose I dreaded the content these young tattooed/black rocker boot chicks would include in their positions ...full frontal?  I braced myself and began to snap photos. What they did to my surprise was hold a yoga pose with black grunge nail polished hands in prayer lifting their eyes up to the blue LA sky.  Such a moment of simple beauty, peace and fun in the middle of a smog filled ordinary day.   Maybe that's what we all need....some angel wings & banana pudding to bring us back to communicating again instead of texting or posting... Well...I did post the photos and I am posting this....but isn't is all good?  All the good people said Amen.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

LOVE IS.......

My daughters Labrador working his way into his family's heart soul and mind....

Sunday, 14 February 2016

How Being An Air Force Brat Prepared Me For The Pro Hockey Life

How Being an Air Force ‘Brat’ Prepared me for the Pro-Hockey Life
Yvonne Horvat Murphy

My name is Yvonne Horvat Murphy. I am married to Mike Murphy former NHL hockey player for the LA Kings, NY Rangers & St. Louis Blues and present day Senior V.P. of the NHL 'Hockey Operation'. Prior to his present day position with the hockey league and after he retired from playing pro, he was Assistant and Head Coach for the LA Kings and Toronto Maple Leafs and Assistant Coach for the Vancouver Canucks, NY Rangers and Ottawa Senators and head coach of the Milwaukee Admirals (Vancouver's farm team).

I was born into the military life where patriotism is bred into us kids on a daily basis.  My father was a Lt Colonel in the United States Air Force at the time of his retirement, which is how I became a 'brat’ growing up.  For us military brats, home truly is where both the heart and family are.  I was born at Edwards AFB and 6 weeks later I began traveling when we moved to England for 3 years, Korea for 2 years, Hawaii for 2 years and Ohio for 1 year.  In-between those years we spent summers in Washington DC, and Alabama.  But we always returned to my birthplace, California. California was the one and only place that gave me any sense of roots and also proof that I wasn't part of some type of alternative American gypsy tribe!  

Fast forward, and I met my husband Mike in 1974 when he played for the Los Angeles Kings. We fell in love and within 8 months were married. A funny story about meeting him was the fact that my older sister had married her husband, who also was a Canadian playing for the LA Kings one year before we even met.  Then a few years after I was married, my husband introduced my baby sister to a  teammate, they hit it off and got married…! I think we are possibly the only 3 sisters to marry professional hockey players in the NHL and on the same team.  If I knew the Guinness World Book of Records folks I would send that fact in! 

Mike and I raised our family in Los Angeles as he would remain with the LA Kings until 1988.  I do believe we broke some type of a record in the NHL if there were a record keeping tab, by meeting, marrying, and having all 4 children in the same city with the same NHL team for 15 years! I thought I had finally planted my brat boots on some solid ground .... for so many reasons was I WRONG!  

Those years being in the same city with my little family was not only a little slice of heaven, but it also produced a false sense of security. Once he hung up the professional hockey skates to become hired on as a scout and then Head Coach (the youngest head coach in the NHL at that time) we were off to the races..or the rinks?!  Even though I grew up a ‘brat’, I wasn't prepared to pack up the only home my children had ever known and head out from my beautiful California.  I had to gather all 4 of my babes, give the puppy back to the breeder we had just bought 5 months before, and kiss my mother and family goodbye in the lovely California sunshine to move to the sun starved, perennially dark and misty Vancouver, British Columbia. We lived in North Vancouver for 2 years where my husband was Assistant Coach, then moved for 1 year to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where my husband was Head Coach of the Canucks farm team, before we were off to a rental home in Aurora, Ontario where my husband was hired as Assistant Coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs.  I would have dreaded the moving if not for my 'brat' background. The Military Brat poem states...' My hometown is nowhere, my friends are everywhere.’  I grew up with the knowledge that home is where the heart and the family are. Even though we had found stability in Los Angeles, mobility is my way of life.  

Some would wonder about roots, yet for me they are as deep and strong as the mighty oak.  I sink them quickly, absorbing everything a new city offers and hopefully, giving enrichment in return.

I realized as we drove up the coast of California to Vancouver on our very first move as a family, that it was possible I may never return again with all my children still living with me as dependents, but, my faith in God carried me through to trust and believe that the game of hockey would be heading us in the direction to a better future and my husband was that steady ship that had always made sound decisions for us all. 

I also felt reassurance in the knowledge that there were other hockey wives, including my 2 sisters, who were going through the same situation as I.  

Learning as I went on the fly in the crazy life of a hockey wife…!