Thursday, 27 February 2014

listen to a hippie wanna be from the 70's about manners

what's happened to this 60's hippie wanna be chick who used to slip my bra off underneath my clothes so i could be 'free' from any sort of bondage whether it be political or elastic, to now be aghast at the lack of manners in this generation, no, I am trying to polish my opinion, the absolute RUDEness of this generation.  We may have walked around half naked, or wanted to, back in the 60's & 70's to prove a point or voice our oppression from our mom and dads rule in our homes but we were slightly if not sweetly innocent in our approach to it all.  We raised our Peace sign, hugged trees,
rescued whales and did it all nicely!  well maybe not all of us! Somehow we managed to have manners thoughout it all! Today no one raises their eyes for a Toast at the table because they may miss a text or a tweet or a 'who gives a Shit' update status on Facebook! What's worse is this young generation thinks they invented it all...ahhhh sorry dudes you didn't!
put your latte's down and look people in the eye, crank up Laura Nyro, Dylan or Joan Baez and hug a tree!
forget about it...i sound like an old broad from the 60's 70's !