Sunday, 12 January 2014

California transplant folks

I am not sure if one could run research on this and am prejudiced perhaps but in my beach community here in So-Cal the native californians are laid back, relaxed, friendly and open minded. Whenever I encounter a grumpy, prickly person I am tempted to ask them where they are from because I am sure they are not a native californian like myself.  We do not move here to get transported to La La land in hopes of finding the perfect place to live.  We have no rose colored glasses on because we have lived here most of our life.  We are quite aware of its imperfections however the locals do not constantly refer to 'back home' we don't do it like here in L.A.!  Why, I wonder, do they not leave?  Is it because they like to complain?  Anyone want to volunteer for this research project let me know, in the meantime I will shout out to the people I am sure are transplants like the woman yesterday who lifted up her hands in a 'What the???' style motioning as I watered my deck down simply because some water was splashing on the sidewalk...she shouted out, 'I just showered and washed my hair(or as she pronounced it Heyare)!'  I did know for sure she was from NYC but simply shouted down from my deck, 'Well, good for you!' in my warm native california style!

Porn on a plane

I hardly ever need advice or even feel a bit flabbergasted as to 'what to do' however on the plane two nights ago I felt stuck.  we each have our own personal screen and some content on my neighbours screen may not be what I consider entertainment but thats none of my business.  This flight was strange because not only was the man next to me almost 7 feet tall but he had a gymormous(is that actually a word?)laptop computer which he opened way down on his knees and proceeded to watch a 3 hour movie which kept flashing nude sexual content scenes ! I WAS going to turn and express my shock that this man would put soft porn on a computer when out of the corner of my eye (does that mean I was trying to watch the soft porn movie? NO the screen was so huge i couldn't help)I noticed Leonardo DiCaprio was the star! What the?  I simply said nothing since this is a movie out in the theatres now...should I have said something to ease my discomfort?  I think next time I may....I would love to know how you would handle this if you choose to comment I would appreciate it!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Planet Los Angeles Alien

puckmommy: Planet Los Angeles Alien: As i look back now my life as a full time los angelean resident was completely void of any reality except for having to go to school and liv...