Monday, 29 April 2013

feeling 'safe'...what's that?

my fellow americans is there anymore feeling 'safe'? I remember the days(opps aging myself who cares?) when getting on a plane was actually so exciting and exhilerating I actually thought about where I was going as I drove to the airport?  I also remember wondering how sad i would get as my loved ones kissed and hugged me goodbye as I walked down the boarding gate its only strangers, security guards and the staff of the airlines who don't wave goodbye...beyond sad, that this generation will never know what sense of security felt like.  Isn't that weird?  I actually was anxious about the aircraft back then? NOW? who cares what kind of plane?  I just want to make it past the first 20 minutes without a terrorist attack!
 So, feeling 'safe' for those of you who were not around and traveling way before 9/11, felt like a walk on a sunny day with your dog by your side.  It felt like snuggling into your bed when you were around 10 or 11 years old when you had had a long day at the beach and you are so tired you simply collapse under the covers.  It felt like America was strong and free and unafraid of anything.
We all have to have a reality check that Leave it to Beaver was just a TV show and that those long hazy days of summer when I could walk or ride my bike to the corner store as a 8 or 9 year old are gone forever...some pervert is now lurking behind the corner of every parents mind now.
That's our reality, no safe place while living on our streets, attending a marathon, traveling coast to coast or simply going to work.
the terrorists have acheived that sense of INsecurity but they have not succeded in putting out the fire which lights up our dark skies on the 4th of July or in our hearts.  
i do wish i could go back secretly though sometimes don't you?