Saturday, 2 March 2013


Since 50 I have...

Learned how to be a Facebook friend although I really don’t ‘get it’,

Whiskers growing in places that used to be soft as a baby’s bottom,

Lost hair in places razors used to be familiar with,

‘Barnacles on my ship’ (not my words but my dermatologist’s) popping up & burnt off,

Fantasies about travels to the wine country of France replacing Paul Newman,

Skin that caused my grandson to ask me why my hands look old,

Looked at other 50 year olds and wondered if I look that old,

To watch everything I eat due to high cholesterol risk, fun!

Grimaced with disappointment at the happy birthday in text form as opposed to a live voice,

Pedicures that would make younger women cry but now have heels tough as sandpaper, lucky me!

Noticed my cream eye shadow ends up on my cheeks after dinner,

Laughed hysterically at Meryl with her one finger in It’s complicated during the plastic surgery scene,

Related to Shirley Valentine talking to ‘the wall’,

Taken a shine to romantic British movies again,

Stood next to lovely silky flawless young 30 something’s and almost fainted sucking my Abs in,

Fallen asleep with the thought that life is half over,

BUT, since 50 I have also…

Become so secure in who I am I don’t care who thinks what about me,

Fallen back in love with life and don’t comprehend the whiner’s who haven’t,

Never forgotten my young girl dreams and that they are still there waiting to be chased,

Stopped wishing for youth and began thanking God for each day’s wisdom,

Felt God’s presence in my adult children’s growth and the pure grace in a hug from each grandchild,

Never been so content for each breath I take and grateful to be alive and to be 50 something!

yvonne horvat murphy