Sunday, 27 January 2013

packing chocolate contraband

yesterday i packed my little carry on bag which i use on my bi coastal monthly trips. my usual packing for the grand babes includes delicious chocolate Bordeaux bars from See's candies.  once i had my other 'not as important' items packed in my little friendly flier bag i put the Bordeaux's right on top along with the best Bridge Mix in North America from See's as well. other women who are leaving los angeles might consider packing some jewelry from tiffany or some fancy handbags like Hermes but not moi!
so my row is getting called and as i get to the gate to board they say my bag is too filled to the brim large! what? i see what is bulging in my bag and its the chocolate. they tell me i have to check it or empty it out and make it smaller but i can't bear to throw out the chocolate so i throw all the paperwork in my purse to salvage the chocolate.  they let me on board the plane with my precious cargo...Chocolate Contraband! some things are just worth the effort!!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

TELEVISION i come again!

So, I'm filming my own TV show called The Puck Mommy show on Rogers Cable TV here in Ontario Canada!  The show shoots tomorrow and thursday...I am so excited but I'm pretty sure I should be scared out of my wits!  Maybe I'm not as smart as I think? I have guests coming on the show that are all either married to professional NHL hockey playes or they are mothers of Professional Hockey players, active or retired.   Jill Kitchen (Mike Kitchen Chicago Blackhawks), Joanne Vickers (Steve Vickers NHL Rookie of the Year,New York Rangers) Lynn Murphy (Ryan Murphy Carolina Hurricanes) Lee Del Zotto (Mike Del Zotto New York Rangers) Ruth Cammalleri (Mike Cammalleri Calgary Flames)  are my guests on the show!
I'm looking forward to branching out and back into Televsion again...thats my background and it's fun to get back into it again!  Look for the show on later on january 2013!