Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Mouth of a Senior

Driving down the Pacific Coast Highway recently with my almost 90 year old mom I was entertained as usual with her unique quips. The odd grandiose illusion or two would also spring up like a geyser out of nowhere.   She points out a hair salon thats been there for 40 years and remarks about how they've renovated it because it looks really doesn't but i concur.  I love her constant attention towards details but half of the time I doubt how factual her observations are.
As I  point out a gorgeous california oak tree my mom quickly educates me on the soon to be Space Shuttle Endeavor landing in Los Angeles and as they transport it along Manchester blvd (my old stomping grounds)all the Oak trees in its way will have to be cut down!  Of course I seriously doubt this whale story as well until yesterday when on the news the big headlines were how people were upset about the trees being shaved and cut down to make way for the Endeavor!   Next time I smirk and roll my eyes under my sunglasses I think I'll have to catch myself to remember this whale story of hers was True!...Out of the mouth of a mom!

Friday, 12 October 2012

a real american who is fresh off the plane from Ghana

check out this american who is watching the space shuttle endeavor in Los Angeles before it is carried very slowly to the california science center...I titled it a REAL american because he represents all that has been and is great about America!  i was put to shame when i watched him on my ktla tv broadcast this morning...gave me chills....hope it does you to!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

to LIKe or not LIKE

just when i thought i can sit back relax and trust Facebook a familiar place almost like a faithful friend who i post to, update my status to and share gazillions of thoughts to each day ...Poof....they change settings on me yet again!  'Open Graph' is the new concept which makes Facebook an untrustworthy type of friend in my book.
why should i be sold out to 3rd parties simply because i click LIKE?  okay Facebook get with the program here and just obey the privacy and account settings without changing them behind my back......its like a friend making faces and winking at other friends when i'm not looking !
so to LIKE or  not LIKE is the question.
now when i read a post from a REAL friend i hesitate to press my fav word....LIKE!?
is anyone else getting a bit ticked off at FB? please press LIKE if you agree...