Tuesday, 11 September 2012

hockey lives even if it's smaller hockey

Yes, hockey fans it's another lockout but don't get the blues....there is lots of hockey to go and watch! There are local teams to support, lots of energetic, talented and soon to be famous players to go scout!  I am now a Hockey Mimi-Mama of my little grandson who is playing hockey and lacrosse!  My grandkids call me 'MiMi'.  It will be sooooo different than when my 3 sons were playing competetive hockey in California or Ontario is I don't have to go if I don't want to!  I guess getting old and becoming a Grandmother isn't all bad?!  So, the thrill for me will be watching my son coach my little grandson!
I can't wait for all of my grandsons to play!  I had the thrill of attending my talented grandaughter's grad from Dance Academy last winter!  I have a few loves and one of them is Dance. I took dance lessons at Tremaines famous dance academy in N. Hollywood when I was performing in Dinner Theater productions in the san fernando valley in the 80's and I still take dance at my gym whenever possible...so I never played hockey but did watch my pro hockey husband play with the kings for 13 years!
So, don't let the lockout get you down go and watch the little mini boys play or the Kitchener Rangers where my son is Director of Player Personnel!   Have fun in spite of the lack of hockey!