Wednesday, 8 August 2012

gift of health

watching the olympics night after night, after night, after night..does seem endless doesnt it though? It occured to me that the most inspirational part of the telecasts are not the sport events in and of themselves but rather the human interest and personal stories of the athletes themselves.  The triumphs, hurdles they have overcome and their personal struggles have been the most overwhelmingly moving!  When you see the story of one track and field star who had twin babies and fought to get back in Olympic shape in only one year it begs the question...why do some women 'give up' on being physically fit after giving birth? I have heard it so much after having my 4 children from other mothers....well, you know what happens once you have babies!!! the body just goes to hell...well, take a look at Kerri Walsh who has two children and just won a gold medal tonight IN  A  2 PIECE BATHING SUIT looking fit!!! The Olympic gold medal winners who have given birth and look fantastic are living proof you don't have to fall apart after birth and we should be grateful for our health by staying fit !