Saturday, 28 July 2012

My career as Mother

It was Rose Kennedy who said, "I looked on child rearing not only as a work of love and duty but as a profession that demanded the best that I could bring to it."  I agree with Rose and I have found that indeed motherhood is like a profession, but, more important even than any career. One has to keep in mind we only have our children in our homes for under 18 years. I'm 58 and my 4 children have been out of my house full time for 11 years.  My opportunity to teach my 4 children confidence and respect in  themselves and to give them all the benefits needed to be successful and fulfilled people in the world, was a very short period of time indeed.   My idea of success is raising children who grow up to trust others throughout their life because they could trust in me and in their family life at home.  in their core they are safe to be who they are. My idea of success is not being afraid to voice your opinion when injustice is done even when it may not be popular to do so.  My idea of success is being dedicated to those loved ones in your life and not putting yourself before their needs.  I also taught my children that Love conquers all. Yes I am a romantic.   Take it or leave it.
   Simply put, if a loving mother is not present for large quantities of time she can't know when a child needs her to smooth over hurt feelings, kiss the scrape on a knee, or talk out some confused state of mind a child may find his or herself in.  A crisis in a child's life is not scheduled or planned they are spontaneous.  If mother isn't there she cannot soothe the child.  A phone call or Skype video call may be too late and alot of dollars short ! 
What happens at home is central to a child's ability to function throughout his life. Home is a bonding experience.   When a child can attach, that means they learn to trust people.

   I am now writing a book, producing a new TV show for Rogers Cable (this fall) and doing the things I wanted to do but sacrificed while raising my kids.  I did do part time work and i highly recommend working part time or doing whatever you want for yourself while raising your family.  I taught aerobics, musical theater and acting while raising my kids.

What happens at home is central to a child's ability to function throughout his life. Home is where bonding takes place and a child learns to attach to relationships. When a child can attach, that means they learn to trust people. Learning to trust is essential for having healthy relationships throughout life.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

move out of cali if you cant hack the

It is definitley better than winter snow but I'm not sure what I despise more the heavy marine layer that rears its ugly head at the beach keeping the temps average to low or the lingering burden of humidity in the hot summer air in the northeast of north america....its a toss up but I'm gonna say humidity wins!
Ugh....just when you think you're showered and all ready to go outside and leave the comfort of the AC that moist, skin sticking air hits you like a wall.   My poor shower thinks a family of 10 moved in!
so dear marine layer I dont miss you but I do miss that west coast ocean breeze that cools it down and makes it comfy to exert yourself in outdoor sports and activities.
Oh please if you do not live in So Cal please do not move there even though the extremes of the northeast are making you crazed we have way too many easterners already who pretend like they are native californians but can't fake it.  what gives away the transplanted california dwellers? well, when they begin to talk about living in california they begin to complain about the very thing they moved there for.  Listen all  you transplanted californians please leave our overcrowded bankrupt state...noones forcing you to live on the west coast!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

to post or not to post

No i dont mean posting as in 'equestrian riding' posting....FB posting! What happens when you are minding your own business surfing through the newsfeed for updates on your kids or