Thursday, 28 June 2012

barefooted fool? No more!

I have been speed walking barefoot for about 6 years on the wet sand along the pacific shore but prior to that I lived barefoot. When i first moved to the Northeast  people would ask me why I never wear socks..... who knows? I feel so confined I guess. living in Hawaii was what really created the barefoot craze for me. this barefoot obsession could be why I have tough tough the pedicure technicians hide when they see me coming! just this morning I was out there hoping over seaweed and crabs it is THE most satisfying workout I've had since 1970 when I first joined the manhattan beach health club..... finally a news flash last week that barefoot walking has been proven to give the barefooted fool such as myself much more than toned legs...the connection from Gods earth to our soul and mind is healing...duh! don't knock it til you've tried it! so guess I'm a fool no more cause barefootin' is now called 'Earthing'!  I knew it?

Monday, 18 June 2012

to tweet post or update status or ...wait

what the heck DID we all do before we snapped a pic and simply post it to Facebook or twitter? In the old days BFB (Before FB) we actually had to have patience once the photo was snapped because  we had to decide whether to drop off the film at the drug store or the photography studio? Which place had the least wait time before we picked the pics up to look at them in 4x6 or 5x3.  I have to say the big wait was so much fun to be revealed I sometimes miss the old days for the anticipation of it they find out the sex of the baby so they can paint the room the correct color.  who cares about the color of the room to the point you'd actually ruin the big awaited moment of childbirth? Holy labor pains, after my 9 months of pregnancy I looked forward to the  payoff of the most anticipated surprise of the sex of my baby, picking the name and then letting it all soak in.  But even I now snap a pic and then decide quickly what to do first, should I tweet it then let the tweet tell the status update on FB know I took the pic or should I simply let my location on my iphone let everyone know where i am exactly at the moment i snapped the pic and then Tweet? Oy I'm exhausted just thinking about it.  I think I'll go dust off my trusty old Canon AE 1 camera and start all over.....or maybe not.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Lizzy and Mr. Darcy sittin in a tree

Oprah asked the question; 'which fictional character would you most like to meet?'...Duh....Lizzy from 'Pride and Prejudice' of course!  I sent in my submission and 'O' Magazine published my answer.  YES! They didnt publish my favorite part of my answer but 'just sayin' it is cool to be in 'O'!  If you are a fan of Lizzy (Elizabeth Bennett) than you may have your own favorite part of the movie...Mine?  Lizzy finally admits she loves Mr. Darcy in return, she marches into her fathers office after her love has asked for Lizzys hand in marriage...her fathers tears up and describes his feelings as bittersweet in such an eloquent way! Father to daughter feelings in jolly old england (my ancestors in England go back to 1600's on so tender and sweet and the love of a lifetime....that one soulmate that I do believe still happens!  Does it remain the same the love that flickered then ignited as a teenager as the years go by?  No, but it gets stronger, deeper, and enriched by layers of forgiveness and redemption of spirit.
So, July issue of 'O'! buy it!

Sunday, 3 June 2012