Wednesday, 30 May 2012

shooting pucks not film in California

So how crazy is it that my hometown is hockey crazy right now?  I was raised here in so-cal but have never been here for a stanley cup final!  walking around you see la kings sweaters everywhere yes, but, you still bump into the odd person who is from Mars (or So-Cal..same thing really).  som e lady in peets coffee this morning says so they are having the nba finals here next week?? I said 'no its actually the stanley cup'...she just stared at me! lol
my sons all learned to skate and play hockey here as did my sisters kids but its still weird to have the finals here!
what is going on in all my fellow native californians heads about hockey here right now...would love to know if the celebs are being outshined right now by some great white north boys on skates!