Sunday, 29 April 2012

Beam me up.....

              Beam me up Scotty but can I take my iPhone?

I sometimes tire of the emails I receive about the ‘good old days’ from those seeming to be living in the past, pining away for Scotty to ‘beam them up’ to the mother ship to rescue them from this present day wickedness, turmoil and strife. Truth be told, it is true about the simplicity of those days in the late 50’s and 60’s when I do look back. However, I find it not so intelligent to run a race looking backward because it tends to slow one down taking the eye off of the prize. I do remember that I took peanut butter sandwiches in my Barbie lunch box (the anatomically perfect one) to school and my only fear was that my white wonder bread would get soggy as it merged with the grape jelly for hours, never a thought that I could be charged with a felony! Being raised in So-Cal had its perks with the ‘Helms Bakery’ factory field trip in first grade and being rewarded at the end of the trip with a mini loaf of Wonder Bread with that lovely polka dotted plastic wrap (today the plastic wrap is frowned on and all that evil white flour of course). And yes I had lots of wicked, decadent and lovely CHOCOLATE in my lunch box as well! Chocolate milk (not almond milk, milk from a cow) Chocolate chip cookies as a snack God forbid, Hershey, milky way and 3 musketeers’ bars to. The miracle is my mother was not arrested for child abuse!

I confess life seemed rather blissful back then. The afternoons that turned into playing outside till the moonlight was the only light which to see how many frogs I had caught. There were no ‘play dates’ we just walked over knocked on the door…what a revolutionary concept! If you want to catch this tech savvy generation in a ‘slack jaw’ moment simply describe what we did when we didn’t have TV or radio and how catching red bellied frogs and playing ‘who can knock that tarantula down from the light post first ‘ seemed fun and normal. I never had my fingerprints taken at a police station just in case of kidnapping (there were probably teachers at my Catholic school more dangerous than strangers but who knew). Was I somehow left emotionally damaged from sitting in the back seat of an automobile with no A.C. and driving 3000 miles crossing though Death Valley with only the obsolete Desert Ice Bag hanging over the front grill spitting mildly cool air at us in the back and absolutely NO DVD PLAYERS!? Yeah, maybe it was more blissful but if going back meant giving up my smartphone, Sirius XM radio channels, and TiVo/dvr’s I think I’ll stay here and let the others board the mother ship back to the past but, one thing I ask… could they take texting back?


Saturday, 28 April 2012

Friday, 27 April 2012

hockey Moms

getting my hair done yesterday bumped into a hockey mom from years ago with york simcoe express.....funny how so much time can go by and we still are friends after all these years.
hockey teams really pull people together as you spend all those hours watching your kids play , caravaning to the rinks, sharing stories, letting the little sisters and brothers make games up to kill the time at the rinks....wonderful times!