Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Mouth of a Senior

Driving down the Pacific Coast Highway recently with my almost 90 year old mom I was entertained as usual with her unique quips. The odd grandiose illusion or two would also spring up like a geyser out of nowhere.   She points out a hair salon thats been there for 40 years and remarks about how they've renovated it because it looks really doesn't but i concur.  I love her constant attention towards details but half of the time I doubt how factual her observations are.
As I  point out a gorgeous california oak tree my mom quickly educates me on the soon to be Space Shuttle Endeavor landing in Los Angeles and as they transport it along Manchester blvd (my old stomping grounds)all the Oak trees in its way will have to be cut down!  Of course I seriously doubt this whale story as well until yesterday when on the news the big headlines were how people were upset about the trees being shaved and cut down to make way for the Endeavor!   Next time I smirk and roll my eyes under my sunglasses I think I'll have to catch myself to remember this whale story of hers was True!...Out of the mouth of a mom!

Friday, 12 October 2012

a real american who is fresh off the plane from Ghana

check out this american who is watching the space shuttle endeavor in Los Angeles before it is carried very slowly to the california science center...I titled it a REAL american because he represents all that has been and is great about America!  i was put to shame when i watched him on my ktla tv broadcast this morning...gave me chills....hope it does you to!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

to LIKe or not LIKE

just when i thought i can sit back relax and trust Facebook a familiar place almost like a faithful friend who i post to, update my status to and share gazillions of thoughts to each day ...Poof....they change settings on me yet again!  'Open Graph' is the new concept which makes Facebook an untrustworthy type of friend in my book.
why should i be sold out to 3rd parties simply because i click LIKE?  okay Facebook get with the program here and just obey the privacy and account settings without changing them behind my back......its like a friend making faces and winking at other friends when i'm not looking !
so to LIKE or  not LIKE is the question.
now when i read a post from a REAL friend i hesitate to press my fav word....LIKE!?
is anyone else getting a bit ticked off at FB? please press LIKE if you agree...

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

hockey lives even if it's smaller hockey

Yes, hockey fans it's another lockout but don't get the blues....there is lots of hockey to go and watch! There are local teams to support, lots of energetic, talented and soon to be famous players to go scout!  I am now a Hockey Mimi-Mama of my little grandson who is playing hockey and lacrosse!  My grandkids call me 'MiMi'.  It will be sooooo different than when my 3 sons were playing competetive hockey in California or Ontario is I don't have to go if I don't want to!  I guess getting old and becoming a Grandmother isn't all bad?!  So, the thrill for me will be watching my son coach my little grandson!
I can't wait for all of my grandsons to play!  I had the thrill of attending my talented grandaughter's grad from Dance Academy last winter!  I have a few loves and one of them is Dance. I took dance lessons at Tremaines famous dance academy in N. Hollywood when I was performing in Dinner Theater productions in the san fernando valley in the 80's and I still take dance at my gym whenever I never played hockey but did watch my pro hockey husband play with the kings for 13 years!
So, don't let the lockout get you down go and watch the little mini boys play or the Kitchener Rangers where my son is Director of Player Personnel!   Have fun in spite of the lack of hockey!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

gift of health

watching the olympics night after night, after night, after night..does seem endless doesnt it though? It occured to me that the most inspirational part of the telecasts are not the sport events in and of themselves but rather the human interest and personal stories of the athletes themselves.  The triumphs, hurdles they have overcome and their personal struggles have been the most overwhelmingly moving!  When you see the story of one track and field star who had twin babies and fought to get back in Olympic shape in only one year it begs the question...why do some women 'give up' on being physically fit after giving birth? I have heard it so much after having my 4 children from other mothers....well, you know what happens once you have babies!!! the body just goes to hell...well, take a look at Kerri Walsh who has two children and just won a gold medal tonight IN  A  2 PIECE BATHING SUIT looking fit!!! The Olympic gold medal winners who have given birth and look fantastic are living proof you don't have to fall apart after birth and we should be grateful for our health by staying fit !

Saturday, 28 July 2012

My career as Mother

It was Rose Kennedy who said, "I looked on child rearing not only as a work of love and duty but as a profession that demanded the best that I could bring to it."  I agree with Rose and I have found that indeed motherhood is like a profession, but, more important even than any career. One has to keep in mind we only have our children in our homes for under 18 years. I'm 58 and my 4 children have been out of my house full time for 11 years.  My opportunity to teach my 4 children confidence and respect in  themselves and to give them all the benefits needed to be successful and fulfilled people in the world, was a very short period of time indeed.   My idea of success is raising children who grow up to trust others throughout their life because they could trust in me and in their family life at home.  in their core they are safe to be who they are. My idea of success is not being afraid to voice your opinion when injustice is done even when it may not be popular to do so.  My idea of success is being dedicated to those loved ones in your life and not putting yourself before their needs.  I also taught my children that Love conquers all. Yes I am a romantic.   Take it or leave it.
   Simply put, if a loving mother is not present for large quantities of time she can't know when a child needs her to smooth over hurt feelings, kiss the scrape on a knee, or talk out some confused state of mind a child may find his or herself in.  A crisis in a child's life is not scheduled or planned they are spontaneous.  If mother isn't there she cannot soothe the child.  A phone call or Skype video call may be too late and alot of dollars short ! 
What happens at home is central to a child's ability to function throughout his life. Home is a bonding experience.   When a child can attach, that means they learn to trust people.

   I am now writing a book, producing a new TV show for Rogers Cable (this fall) and doing the things I wanted to do but sacrificed while raising my kids.  I did do part time work and i highly recommend working part time or doing whatever you want for yourself while raising your family.  I taught aerobics, musical theater and acting while raising my kids.

What happens at home is central to a child's ability to function throughout his life. Home is where bonding takes place and a child learns to attach to relationships. When a child can attach, that means they learn to trust people. Learning to trust is essential for having healthy relationships throughout life.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

move out of cali if you cant hack the

It is definitley better than winter snow but I'm not sure what I despise more the heavy marine layer that rears its ugly head at the beach keeping the temps average to low or the lingering burden of humidity in the hot summer air in the northeast of north america....its a toss up but I'm gonna say humidity wins!
Ugh....just when you think you're showered and all ready to go outside and leave the comfort of the AC that moist, skin sticking air hits you like a wall.   My poor shower thinks a family of 10 moved in!
so dear marine layer I dont miss you but I do miss that west coast ocean breeze that cools it down and makes it comfy to exert yourself in outdoor sports and activities.
Oh please if you do not live in So Cal please do not move there even though the extremes of the northeast are making you crazed we have way too many easterners already who pretend like they are native californians but can't fake it.  what gives away the transplanted california dwellers? well, when they begin to talk about living in california they begin to complain about the very thing they moved there for.  Listen all  you transplanted californians please leave our overcrowded bankrupt state...noones forcing you to live on the west coast!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

to post or not to post

No i dont mean posting as in 'equestrian riding' posting....FB posting! What happens when you are minding your own business surfing through the newsfeed for updates on your kids or

Thursday, 28 June 2012

barefooted fool? No more!

I have been speed walking barefoot for about 6 years on the wet sand along the pacific shore but prior to that I lived barefoot. When i first moved to the Northeast  people would ask me why I never wear socks..... who knows? I feel so confined I guess. living in Hawaii was what really created the barefoot craze for me. this barefoot obsession could be why I have tough tough the pedicure technicians hide when they see me coming! just this morning I was out there hoping over seaweed and crabs it is THE most satisfying workout I've had since 1970 when I first joined the manhattan beach health club..... finally a news flash last week that barefoot walking has been proven to give the barefooted fool such as myself much more than toned legs...the connection from Gods earth to our soul and mind is healing...duh! don't knock it til you've tried it! so guess I'm a fool no more cause barefootin' is now called 'Earthing'!  I knew it?

Monday, 18 June 2012

to tweet post or update status or ...wait

what the heck DID we all do before we snapped a pic and simply post it to Facebook or twitter? In the old days BFB (Before FB) we actually had to have patience once the photo was snapped because  we had to decide whether to drop off the film at the drug store or the photography studio? Which place had the least wait time before we picked the pics up to look at them in 4x6 or 5x3.  I have to say the big wait was so much fun to be revealed I sometimes miss the old days for the anticipation of it they find out the sex of the baby so they can paint the room the correct color.  who cares about the color of the room to the point you'd actually ruin the big awaited moment of childbirth? Holy labor pains, after my 9 months of pregnancy I looked forward to the  payoff of the most anticipated surprise of the sex of my baby, picking the name and then letting it all soak in.  But even I now snap a pic and then decide quickly what to do first, should I tweet it then let the tweet tell the status update on FB know I took the pic or should I simply let my location on my iphone let everyone know where i am exactly at the moment i snapped the pic and then Tweet? Oy I'm exhausted just thinking about it.  I think I'll go dust off my trusty old Canon AE 1 camera and start all over.....or maybe not.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Lizzy and Mr. Darcy sittin in a tree

Oprah asked the question; 'which fictional character would you most like to meet?'...Duh....Lizzy from 'Pride and Prejudice' of course!  I sent in my submission and 'O' Magazine published my answer.  YES! They didnt publish my favorite part of my answer but 'just sayin' it is cool to be in 'O'!  If you are a fan of Lizzy (Elizabeth Bennett) than you may have your own favorite part of the movie...Mine?  Lizzy finally admits she loves Mr. Darcy in return, she marches into her fathers office after her love has asked for Lizzys hand in marriage...her fathers tears up and describes his feelings as bittersweet in such an eloquent way! Father to daughter feelings in jolly old england (my ancestors in England go back to 1600's on so tender and sweet and the love of a lifetime....that one soulmate that I do believe still happens!  Does it remain the same the love that flickered then ignited as a teenager as the years go by?  No, but it gets stronger, deeper, and enriched by layers of forgiveness and redemption of spirit.
So, July issue of 'O'! buy it!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

shooting pucks not film in California

So how crazy is it that my hometown is hockey crazy right now?  I was raised here in so-cal but have never been here for a stanley cup final!  walking around you see la kings sweaters everywhere yes, but, you still bump into the odd person who is from Mars (or So-Cal..same thing really).  som e lady in peets coffee this morning says so they are having the nba finals here next week?? I said 'no its actually the stanley cup'...she just stared at me! lol
my sons all learned to skate and play hockey here as did my sisters kids but its still weird to have the finals here!
what is going on in all my fellow native californians heads about hockey here right now...would love to know if the celebs are being outshined right now by some great white north boys on skates!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Beam me up.....

              Beam me up Scotty but can I take my iPhone?

I sometimes tire of the emails I receive about the ‘good old days’ from those seeming to be living in the past, pining away for Scotty to ‘beam them up’ to the mother ship to rescue them from this present day wickedness, turmoil and strife. Truth be told, it is true about the simplicity of those days in the late 50’s and 60’s when I do look back. However, I find it not so intelligent to run a race looking backward because it tends to slow one down taking the eye off of the prize. I do remember that I took peanut butter sandwiches in my Barbie lunch box (the anatomically perfect one) to school and my only fear was that my white wonder bread would get soggy as it merged with the grape jelly for hours, never a thought that I could be charged with a felony! Being raised in So-Cal had its perks with the ‘Helms Bakery’ factory field trip in first grade and being rewarded at the end of the trip with a mini loaf of Wonder Bread with that lovely polka dotted plastic wrap (today the plastic wrap is frowned on and all that evil white flour of course). And yes I had lots of wicked, decadent and lovely CHOCOLATE in my lunch box as well! Chocolate milk (not almond milk, milk from a cow) Chocolate chip cookies as a snack God forbid, Hershey, milky way and 3 musketeers’ bars to. The miracle is my mother was not arrested for child abuse!

I confess life seemed rather blissful back then. The afternoons that turned into playing outside till the moonlight was the only light which to see how many frogs I had caught. There were no ‘play dates’ we just walked over knocked on the door…what a revolutionary concept! If you want to catch this tech savvy generation in a ‘slack jaw’ moment simply describe what we did when we didn’t have TV or radio and how catching red bellied frogs and playing ‘who can knock that tarantula down from the light post first ‘ seemed fun and normal. I never had my fingerprints taken at a police station just in case of kidnapping (there were probably teachers at my Catholic school more dangerous than strangers but who knew). Was I somehow left emotionally damaged from sitting in the back seat of an automobile with no A.C. and driving 3000 miles crossing though Death Valley with only the obsolete Desert Ice Bag hanging over the front grill spitting mildly cool air at us in the back and absolutely NO DVD PLAYERS!? Yeah, maybe it was more blissful but if going back meant giving up my smartphone, Sirius XM radio channels, and TiVo/dvr’s I think I’ll stay here and let the others board the mother ship back to the past but, one thing I ask… could they take texting back?


Saturday, 28 April 2012

Friday, 27 April 2012

hockey Moms

getting my hair done yesterday bumped into a hockey mom from years ago with york simcoe express.....funny how so much time can go by and we still are friends after all these years.
hockey teams really pull people together as you spend all those hours watching your kids play , caravaning to the rinks, sharing stories, letting the little sisters and brothers make games up to kill the time at the rinks....wonderful times!