Saturday, 24 September 2011

the wives room

Welcome to the wives wives room    there is a sisterhood among women who have been married to a professional hockey player or athlete or are presently married to one ...there's no denying it...if you're not in the circle you know it....why? because 'the others'  lay women (women not married to pro athletes)discuss the nine to five lifestyle. issues such as 'where to work or not to work'...'should I volunteer at my childrens school' or '  which house should we have our holidays at this year his familys or mine?'  we who socialize in the wives rooms the pro athletics lifestyle are usually moving to or living in a state , province or country foreign to us  we are generally not living with family or loved ones close by.    there are very few pro athlete teams and jobs available.  so, one must go where the job is.   It is not intelligent or even possible to take off and leave one's children or child for a career or job when they have already moved 5 times in 4 years and they have changed schools 4 times in 4 years.  
other women don't understand us. our children are struggling with adjusting , and so are we!  Yes, we get paid well.  No denying it but, we also sacrifice alot and struggle with situations unique to this lifestyle. there are such pressurized issues we face on a daily basis other than 'not getting along with a neighbor' or 'the pta meeting next week'.   Our husbands travel and work in the entertainment industry for a living.  'the others' Christmas, Thanksgiving, holiday entertainment are our work nights.  Our husbands are not home on weekends or I asking for 'the others' to understand us and not sarcastically 'feel pity' for us'? absolutely not...simply put, i want my sister's in the pro athletic lifestyle to have a place to be understood when the wives room is no longer available because our husband retired or is in another line of work now.   I miss the wives and i miss the wives room.  Those women understood me....their lives were like mine..........welcome back ladies to the wives room.  I welcome all women who want to understand and not judge fellow mothers and wives and who want to be heard themselves.